My First Business Card

I have finally completed my first ever business card, and, after having created this website, I am now fully marketable! The process of creating a personalized site and a personalized card has been extremely fun for me. I love being able to design a specialized identity via an internet presence while simultaneously drawing up a reduced, simplified version of my professional self to use in real life, face to face encounters. The two go hand in hand. The card acts as a sneak preview to all of the more intricate aspects of my professional identity that are readily available to explore on my website. The website, then, becomes a portal for further personal contact, which is the ultimate goal.

Of course, I still have a number of things to accomplish in terms of displaying my work & my experiences to you and the rest of the world. But I hope to build these details one step at a time, in a manner that to me will feel organic and fully honest. This website & especially this blog, will change & grow to reflect how I will change & grow in the years to come. 

Thank you for reading!



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